US ‘serial slingshot shooter’, aged 81, arrested

An 81-year-old man, identified as Prince King, was arrested by the Azusa police following a lengthy investigation into multiple incidents of vandalism in his California neighborhood. King is accused of launching ball bearings at numerous local homes, causing damage to windows and windshields, and even narrowly missing people. The alleged actions have been ongoing for approximately nine to ten years, with dozens of residents affected.

During a search warrant executed at King’s home, ball bearings and a slingshot were recovered. The arrest came about due to a recent increase in complaints, which revealed a pattern of behavior and allowed authorities to focus on a specific residence.

King pleaded not guilty during his court appearance on Tuesday. He is currently facing felony and misdemeanor vandalism charges and has been released without bail until his next court date on June 17. Residents in the affected area, who have endured years of such incidents, expressed relief upon hearing of King’s arrest.