Trump in Jail: A Nightmare for Him & Nation

Title: Preparing for the Unprecedented: Inside the Potential Prison Life of Former President Donald Trump

In the wake of Donald Trump’s felony conviction on Thursday, the prospect of a former U.S. President serving time in prison is no longer merely hypothetical. As authorities consider sentencing for his New York conviction and three separate indictments loom, a common question arises: what would a incarcerated Trump’s life be like?

According to prison consultant Sam Mangel, an expert who counts Trump’s associates among his clients, an imprisoned Trump would pose challenges for both the country and the prison system, but would be particularly challenging for Trump himself.

Should Trump face prison time for his New York conviction, Mangel predicts that he and his U.S. Secret Service detail would face logistical issues in an already overcrowded NYC facility. He also anticipates that guards and administrators would need to balance the need for security measures to protect Trump from harm, while maintaining the appearance of equal treatment for all prisoners.

In terms of placement, Mangel suggests that Trump, due to his white-collar charges, would likely be housed in a low-security facility with a minimized population of violent offenders. However, Mangel’s clients have often requested to be housed alongside senior inmates, a request that would likely be granted.

Trump’s days in prison would be dictated by a strict schedule, marked by wake-up calls, roll calls, and scheduled meals. Mangel warns that this loss of freedom, including limited communication options, would likely prove challenging for Trump, who thrives on attention and instant feedback.

Mangel emphasizes that, despite Trump’s fame and wealth, all inmates are treated largely the same in prison. Inmates rise at six in the morning, eat meals at specified times, make phone calls with limited minutes, and adhere to the same rules as everyone else. Mangel fears that a locked up Trump, with his high profile, could expose the flaws of the U.S. prison system under media scrutiny, potentially staining the country’s image.

Mangel suggests that, if Trump is to be incarcerated, he could be better served at a military base, where his safety could be ensured, full privacy could be achieved, and New York’s crowded prison facilities would not be burdened with housing a high-profile inmate.

Trump’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention. Mangel, who has been working behind the scenes to prepare those close to Trump for the potential of prison time, remains hopeful that Trump can avoid incarceration altogether. However, he stands ready to advise Trump on what to expect should he find himself behind bars.