“SOUTHBOUND THUNDER: Updated Alert on Approaching Severe Storms Moving Southward” In this title, I’ve tried to reflect the sense of approaching storms in the original content while also making the title catchy and attention-grabbing. By using the phrase “SOUTHBOUND THUNDER”, I hope to create a sense of impending and significant weather events for the readers. The use of “Updated Alert” indicates that new information about these storms is being provided to the public, thereby encouraging interested individuals to read more about the situation.

Title: Severe Storms Weakening Across South Plains but Remain a Threat

We are currently tracking severe storms that have been weakening across the South Plains. On Friday evening, gusts exceeding 70mph were reported, with notable gusts of 78mph near Wolfforth and 81mph at Reese Center. The strongest gust, a remarkable 91mph, was measured near Anton, just northwest of Lubbock, at 9:39 p.m.

Despite weakening, Flash Flood Warnings remain in effect, and some houses may have been struck by lightning. However, no injuries have been reported as of Friday night. The City of Lubbock is actively monitoring traffic signals to ensure their proper functioning. Drivers are advised to exercise caution due to wet roads and potential flashing traffic signals.

As of now, the line of thunderstorms continues to be severe as it moves east over the Rolling Plains and south over the southern South Plains, with winds around 60mph. Although the wind threat has decreased from the initial warnings of 80-90mph, it still poses a significant risk.

Looking forward, there is a possibility of more thunderstorms late on Saturday, some of which could become severe. The likelihood of thunderstorms diminishes on Sunday.

Stay safe and be prepared for any weather-related changes. For weather photos, storm damage reports, or other news tips, please submit them. In case of emergencies, please refer to the provided emergency numbers.

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