Seattle police chief lost top job due to discrimination, harassment lawsuits.

In a Wednesday announcement, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrel confirmed the dismissal of city’s police chief, Adrian Diaz, amid ongoing discrimination and harassment lawsuits. The decision, made following a meeting between Harrel and Diaz on Tuesday, will lead to Diaz working on special assignments under the mayor within the police department. Diaz’s departure comes shortly after police captain Eric Greening lodged a lawsuit accusing the embattled chief of discriminating against women and people of color. Greening joins at least six other officers, as well as several female officers filing a tort claim for $5 million for alleged harassment and sex discrimination.

Despite denying the allegations, Diaz’s mounting lawsuits were becoming a distraction, according to Mayor Harrel. In a commendatory tone, Harrell acknowledged Diaz’s achievement during his tenure as chief – a position he assumed upon the resignation of Carmen Best following the summer uproar against police brutality after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, while serving as the acting chief for a short period.

Veteran law enforcement officer and former King County sheriff Sue Rahr will serve in an interim capacity as the incoming police chief. Rahr oversaw the state’s police academy and has advocated extensively for the mantra: “guardians, not warriors.”