Robert De Niro stripped of planned award after bashing Trump in NYC. USER:

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Robert De Niro
Stripped of Planned Award …
After Bashing Trump in NY

In a shocking turn of events, Robert De Niro, the legendary actor, has been stripped of a planned award by the National Association of Broadcasters. The NAB Leadership Foundation’s Service to America Award, which he was set to receive next week in D.C., has been rescinded due to his recent high-profile activities.
The NAB, known for its bipartisan approach to honoring local broadcasters, has decided to revoke the award, citing De Niro’s political activities as the reason for the distraction they fear the award ceremony would cause.
Robert De Niro
The NAB’s statement emphasizes the event’s focus on service, suggesting that De Niro’s actions have overshadowed the philanthropic work they aim to recognize.
Despite the setback, De Niro remains gracious, expressing his appreciation for the Foundation’s work and wishing them well.
The decision to rescind the award comes amidst De Niro’s recent Trump-bashing, which has been a recurring theme in his public appearances.
De Niro’s outspoken criticism of the former President has been a hallmark of his political stance, but this time, it seems to have crossed a line with the NAB.
The incident highlights the delicate balance between free speech and the impact of controversial figures on public events.