“Rallying Together: Support for the Family of Fallen MPD Officer Jamal Mitchell – Help Now on KARE11.com” This title conveys the urgency of the situation with the phrase “Rallying Together”, and emphasizes the need for help using “Support for the Family of Fallen Officer”. It also provides a clear connection to the article on KARE11.com.

The article “Here’s how to help the family of fallen MPD Officer Jamal Mitchell” from KARE11.com provides information about the tragedy that occurred in Minneapolis involving the death of a police officer named Jamal Mitchell. Although there is no explicit mention of a mass shooting in the article, other sources such as Bring Me The News, Minneapolismn.gov, CNN, and KIMT 3 suggest that a shooting incident took place in Minneapolis, which resulted in the death of a civilian and Officer Jamal Mitchell.

To assist the family of Officer Jamal Mitchell, the article recommends making a donation to the MPD Officer’s Memorial Association, a non-profit organization that supports the families of fallen officers in the Minneapolis Police Department. The association’s website, , contains detailed information on how to make a donation.

In addition to the tragedy involving Officer Jamal Mitchell, another shooting incident took place on 22nd Blaisdell Ave, as mentioned in Minneapolismn.gov. CNN reports that two people, including Officer Jamal Mitchell, lost their lives in this incident, and the authorities are still searching for a motive. Furthermore, KIMT 3 provides an update on the civilian who was also killed in the shooting, as well as the timeline of events.