Pro-Palestinian protesters arrested near Brooklyn Museum.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at the Brooklyn Museum on Friday afternoon, which led to several arrests by police. The protests began around 4 p.m. in Fort Greene and eventually moved to the Brooklyn Museum. Security footage shows employees attempting to secure the museum as protesters approached. Activists went as far as climbing the building and displaying a “Free Palestine” banner.

The museum officials claimed they did not request police presence, but officers showed up and engaged with the demonstrators, leading to some arrests. During the demonstration, damage occurred to the museum’s artwork on-site and staff faced verbal and physical harassment. Concerns over safety and damage to the collections prompted an early closure of the museum.

This act of protest coincided with U.S. President Joe Biden’s announcement of a new ceasefire proposal from Israel, as well as the ongoing Israeli push into Rafah. Amidst growing criticism of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and Palestinian casualties, the protest also preceded the 60th annual Israel Day Parade on Fifth Avenue, which security services considered a potentially vulnerable target.

As part of the coverage, the arrests, the damage to the artwork, the threat to staff, and the overlap with national events related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were all noted. Brooklyn Museum officials, along with police, addressed the situation and its implications for the museum and broader community.