Police investigate 200+ pride flags theft (in Massachusetts)

Title: Over 200 Pride Flags Stolen in Carlisle, Massachusetts: A Community’s Response Amidst Inclusivity

In the tranquil town of Carlisle, Massachusetts, an unexpected incident has occurred just on the brink of Pride Month. Over 200 pride flags, symbols of inclusivity and acceptance, have been reported stolen from the rotary at the Carlisle Center, near the intersection of Lowell Street, Bedford, and Westford roads, as per a police statement. The flags were last seen in the area on Sunday night, but were discovered missing overnight Monday.

Police Chief Andrew Amendola expressed the department’s serious concern over the incident. He stated, “We are taking this very seriously. It is unfortunate, as Carlisle is an inclusive community, and we want everyone to feel safe and welcomed here.”

In response to this act of vandalism, the community rallied together, replacing the stolen flags within hours. The organizers of the local Pride event reported an unexpectedly large turnout, with people coming out in solidarity. Pride co-organizer Rachel Gore Free shared, “The community response has been overwhelming. People have come out in solidarity.”

As the nation prepares to celebrate Pride Month, President Joe Biden took to Twitter to express his support, noting, “For generations, LGBTQI+ Americans have summoned the courage to live proudly — even when it meant putting their lives at risk.”

The Carlisle Police Department is actively investigating the theft and encourages anyone with information to contact them. Despite this setback, the spirit of the community remains unbroken, as they continue to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.