Nikki Haley Writes 'Finish Them' on Artillery Shell in Israel – The New York Times

On her recent visit to southern Israel, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley reportedly wrote the phrase “Finish them” on an Israeli artillery shell. This incident occurred during a tour that Haley took to observe Israel’s defensive measures against Hamas, a militant organization based in the Gaza Strip.

Haley’s controversial action has sparked criticism, with some accusing her of promoting genocidal messages. Previously, Haley has shown support for Israel’s actions during the 2014 conflict in Gaza, where hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed. Her visit to Israel and her decision to write on the artillery shell appear to be an expression of her stance on the ongoing conflict.

Throughout her visit, Haley emphasized the role of Iran, Russia, and China in the region and the threat they pose to Israel’s security. She also met with Israeli military officials and toured the border areas to gain a better understanding of the challenges that Israel faces in maintaining security in the region.

This visit and Haley’s decision to write on the artillery shell are likely to further fuel debates about the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as international involvement in the region.