Khamenei invites US student protesters to ‘Resistance Front’.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has expressed his appreciation to a group of US college students who have been actively participating in anti-Israel protests. In a letter, he invited these students to join the “Resistance Front” against Israel. Khamenei’s invitation has sparked controversy, as some believe his words include an antisemitic trope, given his historical rhetoric towards Israel and Jews.

In the letter, Khamenei encourages the students to study the Quran and familiarize themselves with the Islamic perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He thanks them for “standing on the right side of history” and welcomes them to the Resistance Front, a network of groups that are opposed to Israel’s existence and advocate for its destruction.

This move has raised concerns among Jewish and pro-Israel groups, who view the Resistance Front as a violent and antisemitic organization. They argue that Khamenei’s words are a continuation of the Iranian regime’s longstanding antisemitic rhetoric and a dangerous attempt to incite hate and violence among students in the US.

The letter has been widely covered by media outlets, with different news outlets reporting on its content and implications. Some media outlets, such as Fox News and USA TODAY, have focused on the fact that Khamenei praised US college students for their protests, while others, like News18 and Newsweek, have emphasized the antisemitic undertones of his words and the potential for increased hate and violence as a result.