Driver arrested, charged for driving onto sidewalk in East Flatbush (Brooklyn yeshiva hate crime implied).

A 58-year-old man named Asghar Ali has been arrested and charged for several hate crimes, including attempted murder, after allegedly attempting to strike a group of people outside a yeshiva in Brooklyn. The incident occurred on Wednesday around 11:35 a.m., when Ali reportedly drove his white Ford Crown Victoria onto the sidewalk on Glenwood Road, chasing a group of young men. Some of the young men ran into the Mesivta Yakov School for safety.

Witnesses reported that earlier, Ali’s vehicle had its wheels smoking after he slammed the brakes upon spotting another group of Jewish teens on the opposite side of the building. Two young men who were outside during the incident shared that the driver made a U-turn and drove up onto the sidewalk, shouting “I’m going to kill all the Jews.”

Simon Gifter, a freelance journalist, claimed he heard the suspect ranting at the police from behind precinct walls. Ali was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime, menacing as a hate crime, and first-degree attempted vehicular assault, among other charges.

Recent NYPD statistics indicate that hate crimes against ethnic groups have either remained the same or decreased, except for Jewish and Muslim New Yorkers, who have each seen a 100% increase. Community leaders express concern about the safety of the yeshiva community, with incidents like this causing fear of potential future tragedies. No physical injuries were reported in this incident. Despite the alarm, community members recognize the efforts of the police and local officials in addressing these issues.