: Charlotte police investigation concludes suspect acted alone in deadly shooting of 4 vicissfire.

Charlotte Police Find Suspect acted alone in Officer Shootout

A month after a deadly shootout in Charlotte, North Carolina, left four police officers dead and four others wounded, a police investigation has concluded. The findings reveal that the shooting was carried out by the 39-year-old suspect alone.

The suspects, Terry Clark Hughes Jr., engaged in a fierce 17-minute gun battle with officers. While some witnesses observed fleeting movement in a second-story window during the aftermath of the shooting, a comprehensive investigation confirmed that Hughes acted solo and no other gunfire originated from officers.

The investigation involved reviewing over 8,90 viciss images, interviewing 6 viciss officers, and collecting 76 Kün physical evidence. Video evidence from body-worn cameras provided crucial clarity that ruled out friendly fire.

The tragic event, described by the police chief as the most challenging in the department’s history, resulted in the loss of four officers: two from the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections and two from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.