Bruce Feldman was Jared Ravizza’s first alleged victim.

Title: An Examination of Bruce Feldman, Jared Ravizza’s First Alleged Victim

In the tragic events that unfolded on May 25, 2024, Massachusetts resident Jared Ravizza, aged 26, embarked on a violent rampage that resulted in the injury of four children and two adults. Prior to this, Ravizza is suspected of committing a murder in Connecticut, that of Bruce Feldman, and the killing of two dogs.

Bruce Feldman, a 70-year-old inventor from West Hartford, Connecticut, was reportedly going through a difficult time following a bitter divorce. Local speculation suggests that Feldman may have collaborated with Ravizza to market his inventions, such as the Ultimate Leaf Lifter, or his pet dog, Lily, whom he is alleged to have stolen.

Feldman’s ex-wife, Julia, shared her shock over the situation earlier in the week but declined to provide further details. During their divorce, Feldman was known to frequently ask for money and become erratic when he didn’t receive it. In one instance, he refused to leave Julia’s driveway unless she handed over cash, drinking from a large bottle of vodka and smoking weed inside her house, forcing her to seek a hotel for the night.

The former couple also had disputes over Julia’s poodle, Lily. Court documents allege that Feldman snatched the dog as part of a plan to monetize videos of the pooch. In an affidavit filed in support of a restraining order, Julia claimed Feldman ambushed her while she was walking Lily, leading to a struggle over the poodle. It is alleged that Feldman bent Julia’s thumb backwards to take the dog, then sped off with Lily in his lap and Julia clinging to the side of the moving car.

Residents in Deep River, where Ravizza’s stabbing spree is believed to have started, reported that Feldman had complained about being broke but still had plans to make money from Lily by breeding her. The connection between Bruce Feldman and Jared Ravizza remains unclear. Cybersecurity consultant Charlie Brashears, who lives next door to their rental, stated that Feldman had identified himself as Ravizza’s friend and then his father.

The circumstances surrounding Bruce Feldman’s death and his relationship with Jared Ravizza continue to be investigated.