Breaking News: Special Counsel Jack Smith Moves Ahead in Trump’s Classified Documents Case” Or “Trump’s Classified Documents Case: Special Counsel Jack Smith Takes Action” Or “Special Counsel Jack Smith Advances Investigation in Trump’s Classified Documents Case

Title: Special Counsel Jack Smith Seeks Gag Order Against Trump in Classified Documents Case

In a recent development, Special Counsel Jack Smith has requested U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to bar former President Donald Trump from making statements that potentially endanger law enforcement officers involved in the investigation of the classified documents case. This is the second such motion filed by Smith in a matter of days, seeking modifications to Trump’s conditions of release in the case.

The motion was prompted by Trump’s false claims about FBI agents planning to kill him during the 2022 Mar-a-Lago search for classified documents. Smith argued in the filing that these statements have endangered the law enforcement officers and threatened the integrity of the proceedings.

Trump’s campaign had previously made inflammatory remarks in a fundraising email, suggesting President Joe Biden was “locked & loaded ready to take [Trump] out.” These comments echoed similar statements made by Trump about FBI agents. However, it’s important to note that Trump was not in Florida at the time of the raid, and the FBI has stated that the authorization he apparently referenced is standard language limiting the use of force.

Smith’s previous motion on this issue was denied on Tuesday due to a lack of substance and professional courtesy in the special counsel’s approach to discussing the issue with Trump’s defense team. Trump’s lawyers had argued that the prosecutors violated procedure by not consulting the defense before filing the motion.

In an attempt to address this concern, Friday’s motion included a certificate confirming that prosecutors had conferred with the defense via a phone call on Wednesday, as well as emails on Thursday and Friday. Trump’s lawyers have confirmed in their statement that Trump “opposes the motion.”

The First Amendment rights of Trump and the American people have been addressed in the motion, with prosecutors arguing that their request does not conflict with the amendment, as pretrial release conditions often include measures that restrict certain actions and speech.

This request from Smith echoes the gag order imposed on Trump in the business records falsification case, where Judge Juan Merchan placed a gag order preventing Trump from attacking jurors and witnesses. Trump was fined thousands of dollars for violating this gag order multiple times.

Megan Lebowitz, a politics reporter for NBC News, and Daniel Barnes, based in Washington, reported on this development.