Biden Guaranteed Ballot spot in Ohio thanks to new State Legislation!

Ohio’s Republican-controlled state legislature has approved a bill to secure President Joe Biden’s spot on the state’s November ballot, ending weeks of political tensions over a deadline. The measure, which passed on Friday, now heads to Governor Mike DeWine for signing. This decision is not expected to halt a push by the Democratic National Committee to nominate Biden by a virtual roll call vote well ahead of a late August convention.

The Democrats prefer this approach to avoid a partisan fight and ensure Biden’s certification as the nominee before Ohio’s August 7 deadline. The DNC plans to move forward with a Tuesday meeting for its rules and bylaws committee to advance on a resolution enabling the virtual roll call, followed by a full DNC vote.

In the past, both parties have eased deadlines without much controversy. However, this year, the issue only applies to Democrats in Ohio, as the GOP has planned a mid-July convention. The Democrats have expressed concerns about the bill, considering it a “poison pill” that could weaken citizen-led petition drives.

The legislation also includes a provision to ban non-U.S. citizens from donating to campaigns for state ballot initiatives. Democrats have criticized this element as unnecessary and harmful to voter ballot initiatives.

The approval of the bill provides a temporary fix to this year’s certification deadline. However, Democratic lawmakers have voiced frustration that the fix is not permanent, and future presidential nominees of either party could face a similar situation in future elections.

This political drama has highlighted the internal politics and fractiousness that have been prevalent in the Ohio Statehouse in recent years. The legislation was approved in separate bills by the state House and Senate, with Democratic lawmakers calling for more input from state and local elections officials before making any permanent changes to the certification deadline.