Biden criticizes G.O.P.’s ‘reckless’ attempts to undermine Trump’s conviction

In a response to the Republican Party’s perceived attempts to undermine the conviction of former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has denounced these efforts as reckless. This news comes following the verdict of Trump’s conviction by the New York State Attorney General’s office for violating campaign finance laws.

CNN reported that Trump and his allies were preparing for a guilty verdict, but the official announcement came as a surprise. The conviction has led to criticism from black leaders who point out the irony in Trump’s railing against the guilty verdict given his own history of criminal justice issues.

The Associated Press has reported that Trump has limited options for overturning his conviction. Meanwhile, a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos indicates that one in ten Republicans is less likely to vote for Trump following his guilty verdict.

President Biden’s denunciation of the GOP’s actions underscores the ongoing controversy surrounding Trump’s legal troubles, which have significant implications for the future of American politics.