Behind Donald Trump’s Courtship of Elon Musk (NYT)

In recent developments, there has been a notable courtship between former President Donald Trump and tech mogul Elon Musk. This association has sparked a surge in Musk’s political influence.

According to reports from The New York Times, this relationship is more than just a casual acquaintance. The two have been holding discussions, suggesting a possible alignment of interests.

Axios has reported that these talks could potentially amplify Musk’s political power if Trump were to secure another term in office. Furthermore, Reuters has reported that there are speculations that Musk could potentially take on a role as a policy adviser if Trump wins the election.

Yahoo Finance has proposed a list of what Musk should consider discussing with Trump, given their potential alliance. This includes topics such as infrastructure investment, renewable energy, and space exploration.

Newsweek’s Today’s Front Pages highlights this alliance between Trump and Musk, along with an increase in tornado activity in certain regions. The article suggests that the future of these two influential figures could shape the trajectory of several key areas, including technology, energy, and politics.