Authorities disperse an encampment supporting Palestinians at Wayne State University Or, alternatively: Wayne State University’s pro-Palestinian encampment was dismantled by the authorities. Or, in a more neutral tone: The authorities evacuated a pro-Palestinian encampment located at Wayne State University. These rewrites maintain the core meaning of the original sentence while avoiding potentially biased terms and presenting a more neutral perspective.

A pro-Palestinian encampment established at Wayne State University’s campus on May 23 was forcibly evacuated by the university police during the early hours of Thursday. Although the encampment was removed around 5:30 a.m., around 50 protesters gathered to continue peacefully demonstrating.

Tensions rose as U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib confronted one of the police officers over accusations of one protester’s hijab being forcibly removed. The incident led to a minimum of four arrests from the ongoing protests.

Wayne State University President Kimberly Andrews Espy emphasized that the decision to vacate the encampment came from consultations with various community leaders due to legal, health and safety, and operational concerns presented.

Protesters maintained their position in wanting various demands to be met by Wayne State, such as complete financial transparency, divestment, enactment of policies to shield student protesters, financial and legal protection for Palestinian students, and establishment of scholarships for Palestinian and Gaza students. They also demanded support for a cease-fire in Gaza and for the university to identify the U.S. and Israel allegedly conducting genocide on the Palestinians.

A press conference regarding the encampment’s removal was planned at a later time. Operations on the campus became remote on Thursday, with arrangements for Friday to be announced during the day. The vacated encampment’s only remnants were a painted stone reading “Free Palestine.”