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Atlanta Water Main Break Updates

Atlanta, Georgia, is currently experiencing the impact of two major water main breaks which started on Friday. This occurrence has led to several areas within Midtown and Downtown lacking water supply, according to reports by Atlanta Department of Watershed Management.

The breaks came at the intersection of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard NW and J.P. Brawley Drive, where three large lines brought water into the city collided, resulting in water outages and pressure reduction throughout a significant midtown/downtown territory.

Repair teams have worked around the clock since Friday’s incident, but restoration efforts still do not have a precise estimated completion time.

Below is a summary of the most recent updates related to the water main breaks and ongoing situation:

  • June 1, 10:28 a.m.: ATL Watershed Management Commissioner Al Wiggins Jr. indicated that significant progress has been achieved to fix the water main break. Water restoration is yet to have a timeline, with repairs ongoing. The boil water advisory is still in force throughout the affected areas. The Fulton City Jail, Grady Memorial, and Emory Hospitals remained operational, although Grady acknowledged dealing with low water pressure issues during the crisis.
  • June 1, 9:30 a.m.: Nearly 10 branches of the Fulton County libraries suspended their operations for the day as well as the Georgia Aquarium which halted its activities due to water unavailability.
  • Zoo Atlanta alerted its members regarding closures of water fountains, water refill stations, and cessation of fountain drinks sale in some concession outlets.
  • The second break’s status remains uncertain after repairs on the primary problem spot.

The Georgia Department of Watershed Management recommends boiling water to address the potential contamination during these precarious times and is offering further updates as the situation continues. Moreover, businesses in the vicinity have been affected, making operation changes necessary for residents planning visits.